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The Basics

Keep in touch

Students at all levels of the university experience like to stay connected with home life. They also like to know that you are there if they need you. Send a quick text to wish them luck on a test or email just to let them know you care. UNM has a Care Package program you can find out more through the University Parent website. Is your student’s birthday coming up or do they need a midterm pick me up? Send them cookies or a cake through the UNM Alumni Association Cake Program.

Know that you are important

Students regularly cite parents among the greatest influences in their lives. UNM faculty and staff also recognize that you can be a tremendous partner in helping your students reach their goals in college. We look to you to encourage your students to follow their intellectual passions, as well as to become independent adults.

Let them choose

Your student wants to know that you believe in them. Let them make decisions, choose their own courses, and eventually choose a major. They may choose a major based on their intellectual passion, not based on which major is likely to earn the most money.

Let them solve problems

Your student may ask you to intervene in a problem situation. Resist the urge to handle the situation for them. Act as consultant as your student learns to problem-solve and communicate.

Express confidence and be realistic

Your student will encounter roadblocks and disappointments along the way. Allow them to make mistakes, and let them know that you are confident that they can work through issues that may arise.

Help them learn the difference between disappointment and failure

At some point, your student will likely experience something they will label as a failure, such as a C on a test, even if it is not. Assure them that their best effort is all you expect.

Provide Resources

You don’t need to have all the answers, just know where to point your student if they need additional help. View the quick links below for a list of resources.

Quick Links

Academic Communities                                                        Accessibility Resource Center   
Advisement                                                                           Agora Crisis Center
African American Student Services                                      American Indian Student Services
Bookstore                                                                             Bursar’s Office
Career Services                                                                   Casas del Rio
CAPS                                                                                   Dean of Students
El Centro de la Raza                                                            Financial Aid
LGBTQ Resource Center                                                     LOBOCA$H
LoboRESPECT Advocacy Center                                        Nusenda Credit Union
Parking & Transportation                                                      Residence Life & Housing
Registrar’s Office                                                                  Scholarship Office
Student Activities Center                                                      Student Health & Counseling 
UNM Food                                                                            Women’s Resource Center
Veterans Resource Office                                                     General UNM Information

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Stay involved in your student's higher education. The UNM Parent Association is here for you and your Lobos. Whether it's raising money for student scholarships or helping students move into the dorms, the Parent Association is committed to helping student succeed. Find out more here!

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