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Parent Orientation Programs

At UNM we feel it is just as important for you to get acquainted with the university as it is for your new student. Making a smooth transition is the key to success. That’s why we offer orientation programs specifically for parents and families of new students. While your student is learning the ropes; you can sit through your own orientation to ensure you are getting your questions answered.

UNM offers two primary orientation programs for new students. They include New Student Orientation (NSO) and the College Enrichment Program (CEP) Orientation. Both programs offer a parent and/or family program.

CEP Parent Orientation

During CEP's new student orientation, we offer a one-day  parent orientation. UNM Staff will present a series of workshops on financial assistance, student resources, campus housing and UNM policies, among other topics pertaining to the college experience.

The CEP parent orientation is for parents or any family member who have a freshman student starting at UNM. There is a $15.00 fee for each family member to participate in the one day orientation. During the parent orientation. there will be an opportunity to have a discussion on how both CEP and parents can partner for student success.

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Lobo Orientation's Family Connection Program

The Family Connection Program is for parents and family members of freshmen students attending Lobo Orientation. It is a day and half program composed of a wide variety of presentations on everything from finances to academics, Included are relationship workshops and student panel discussions all geared to help our parents and families get acclimated to UNM.

There is a $40.00 fee for each family member who participates in this two day program and we also feature a "Tag-Team" option that enables to parents to attend for the price of one! This program received a 99% recommendation rating from last year's attendees.

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Parent Association Logo

Stay involved in your student's higher education. The UNM Parent Association is here for you and your Lobos. Whether it's raising money for student scholarships or helping students move into the dorms, the Parent Association is committed to helping student succeed. Find out more here!

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